About Me

About me
I have always loved cooking and baking but I never really bothered with decorating anything that I made. I just wanted to get straight to the eating! This all changed in May 2012 when I decided to bake a cake for a friend’s birthday. I didn’t want to give her just any cake, but one that represented her and everything that I loved about her, and so my cake decorating adventure began.

Since then, I haven’t stopped baking and decorating, and KatyBakey was born…

About KatyBakey
Each cake I make is designed specifically for you, and that is my favourite part, everyone loves cake, but having one that is exactly how you want it is even better. My cakes can be tailored to almost any occasion, be it a wedding, Christening, birthday or corporate event. Every cake is different, and with a little imagination you can turn any idea into a cake reality. Each cake is based around your budget and your requirements, perfectly matched to the theme of your event.

As well as making cakes I also love to teach and share my knowledge. I run one-to-one classes in cake decorating and greatly enjoy helping people learn how to become cake decorating experts themselves.

If you would like me to make you a cake or are interested in a class please email me at katybakey@gmail.com

Thank you for visiting and hopefully I’ll be making you a cake soon!

KatyBakey xx

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