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    Cake Lace

    Cupcakes and lace go together perfectly. It used to be that you had to hand pipe the lace with royal icing, a time consuming job which would require the patience of a saint. Then came along sugarveil,…

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    Mother’s Day Cupcakes

    My Mum isn’t a huge fan of cakes, but I couldn’t resist making her this cute hydrangea cupcake. I also made some cupcakes for my friend to give his wife and his Mum. Sticking with the flowers theme…

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    I was very excited about Valentine’s day this year, not for the usual reason of cards and flowers, but because I would get to make my first set of Valentine’s cupcakes. I decided to use my new found love,…

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    Superhero cupcakes

      Believe it or not these were not for a child but a fully grown adult. You are never too old for superheroes. All of the logos are made from florist paste, hand cut and coloured and…

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    Fairy cakes

      These may look like fairy cakes but are in fact Elderflower and Blueberry, one of my favourite flavour combinations. Keep an eye out for more Elderflower creations coming soon

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    For the boys

    When visiting my friends I would always take some cakes for their two children, however I realised it was always girly cake. So to keep Fraser happy I made him some pirate cupcakes. Cake is not just…

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    Cupcakes are by far my favourite of cakes, from a simple butterfly cake to a beautifully designed wedding cupcake. There are so many possibilities almost anything can be achieved. And the best bit, you can have more than…

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