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Shed cake


What do you make a 65 year old male who likes gardening? A shed obviously. I loved making this cake. When I started constructing it I had underestimated how tall it needed to be so quickly had to bake another cake to make it taller. Once that little hiccup was out of the way I started on the wood of the shed itself. Once I dusted the fondant to give it a wooden effect it really came to life. All the little details of cabbages and carrots in the ground, flowers and garden implements are completely edible.

Once the cake was finished and delivered I uploaded it to my Facebook page and popped to Tesco’s. When I came back Richard’s cakes had shared my cake and I had 200 new likers to my page in the space of half an hour. That was a very good morning and made me want to keep on baking and decorating even more.



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