Enterprise Enfield Business Awards – Start up business of the year 2013

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When I decided to make KatyBakey my full time occupation I looked for help with starting my business. I was lucky to find that Enfield council runs a scheme called Enterprise Enfield, where as a resident of Enfield you can find help to start your business. I was assigned a mentor, Liz, who I loved from the minute I met her. After our meetings I would be full of ideas and confidence and ready to take over the cakey world! I couldn’t have met a nicer lady. After a couple of months Liz mentioned that I should enter their annual awards, there was a category for best start up business. I thought this was a little bit much so early on in the life of KatyBakey. However she managed to persuade me and so I entered, not really thinking anything more of it. A few weeks later an email dropped into my inbox to let me know I was a finalist. I was so excited I couldn’t beleive it.

I went on to twitter to share my good news and soon saw who the other finalists were in my category. I had a little nose at both businesses, Love 13 and Teastained lil, and realised I had some tough competition. The night of the awards soon came along and my friend Steph and I donned our best frocks, and saddled with my wares to put together a display of my cakes, off we went to the Royal Chace Hotel for the awards themselves.

Luckily my category was up first so I didn’t have to wait too long after dinner to find out the results, the room went quiet as we listened to our host for the night and then they announced the runners up, and it wasn’t me. I slowly realised I had won! I had won! …………. I had to give a speech…..eeeek…. I have no idea what I said or if it made any sense, but I went to collect my award grinning like a small child.

Several glasses of wine and awards later Steph and I had made some new friends from our table, Emma from Love Your Doorstep and Garry from Goodlooking Optics and off we went to the hotel bar to continue the celebrations! Many glasses of Baileys, peanuts and renditions of American Pie later it was finally time for bed, probably not soon enough for the poor barman listening to our ramblings.

Winning my award has not only given me the award itself, and the publicity that surrounds it, but I have met some great people on the night itself and through Enterprise Enfield. If any of you live in Enfield and are thinking of starting your own business, make sure you go along and see how they can help you. And if your mentor suggests you enter the awards, listen to them! You never know.

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Katy xx

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