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Marathon cake


This cake was made for a lovely lady celebrating her 100th marathon.

My friend Karen and I went to school together, we’ve known each other since we were 8. Karen and I had a lot in common, particularly we both hated PE, and were regularly in trouble for not trying hard enough, or just trying to avoid it altogether.

Unlike me Karen has managed to move past the hatred of all things exercise and is heavily involved in would you believe all things running! She has even completed the London marathon. So when she asked me to make a cake to celebrate one of her friends completing her 100th marathon, at first I checked I had heard correctly, 100th marathon….. Yes that is what she said I set about designing the cake.

What better way than with a pair of trusty trainers, you aren’t going to get very far without them. They requested chocolate cake, and it was probably the most deserved set of calories I have ever made. Congratulations Kaz.

Katy xx



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