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When Cake and Flowers Come Together



When singer Maria Evangelou was planning her wedding cake and came to me armed with her woodland inspired designs from Pinterest I knew I wasn’t going to be able to do this alone. I needed a florist, not just any florist but my florist, Mel at Ramels Florist based in Potters Bar. Mel and I have worked on projects before and she is my go to person for all things flowers.

To pull this off we’d need some planning, a bit of spare cardboard and some extra moss.

If you are thinking about having fresh flowers on your cake then speak to your florist and see if she regularly works with a cake maker, or vice versa. If your two suppliers already have a working relationship they can coordinate, before and on the day more effectively.

I personally can’t wait for another of my brides to request fresh flowers so that we can work together again. And if you need flowers go see Mel, she is the essence of floristry.

Katy x



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