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Some of you may have already read my blog on how I worked together with my florist when designing cakes. Well it doesn’t stop there. In my industry various suppliers often collaborate on projects and end up working on the same event or wedding and when we do the results are amazing. So those of us that regularly work together decided to make life easier for our clients. When you have an event to plan it is sometimes overwhelming with all the things you have to sort out and suppliers you have to find… well look no further we have it covered with Perfectly Planned.

Currently there are 9 of us

Bespoke tailor – Christian English Bespoke

Caterer – Gillian’s Catering Services

Celebration cakemaker – KatyBakey (me)

DJ and wedding MC – Chris Anthony Weddings

Florist – Ramels Florist

Jeweller – Jack Conner Designs

Photographer – Dumitrel Rada Photography

Wedding stationery designer – Omorphi

Hair – Pure Hair and Beauty Enfield

The beauty of Perfectly Planned is you can simply contact those of us that you would like to work with.  We can and do work very well together, helping you to create the wedding/celebration you desire. However we also realise that you may not need all of us leaving you free to use only those of us that you need.

To find out more Download our brochure here and to see some examples of our work follow our Facebook Page

Over the next few weeks they will all be writing a blog of their own to say hello and give some tips and advice on planning the perfect event.

Katy x


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